P320? Voluntary Upgrade Program - U.S. Consumers

Voluntary Upgrade Program


SIG SAUER is offering a voluntary upgrade program for all P320 pistols. All P320 pistol owners are eligible. Sign up online and get your P320 upgraded at no cost to you.

SIG SAUER is offering a voluntary program for P320 pistols. This will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector.

For Canadian Consumers – please contact MD Charlton for upgrade information at [email protected]

3 Steps To Upgrading Your SIG SAUER P320 Pistol

  1. Enter your serial number to the right to see if your P320 has already been upgraded.
  2. If the message indicates your pistol has not been upgraded, reach out to SIG SAUER Customer Service at 603-610-3000 option 1 (8:00am – 5:30pm EST)
  3. Have your P320 serial number and home address available for the customer service representative.

Once SIG SAUER receives your P320 pistol, they will apply the upgrades, test it, and then return it to you free of charge.


If you own multiple P320s, you will need to enter each P320 serial number separately.

P320 Upgrade Registration

How to locate your P320 Serial Number

Your P320 serial number can be found by looking on the right side of the pistol grip. The serial number will be stamped into the receiver. This number should be entered into the first entry field of the form. SKU will automatically populate if your P320 is on a qualified list of U.S. Domestic consumer serial numbers.

With some exceptions, most U.S. Domestic Consumer P320 serial numbers begin with “58A”, “58B”, or “58C”, followed by six numbers.

  • Example: 58Axxxxxx

NOTE: There are no “i”s or “o”s in the numerical portion of the serial number.