Trademarks ?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of SIG SAUER’s trademarks and service marks. When using the marks on publications within the United States, include the appropriate TM, SM or ? symbol. When using marks outside the United States, include a trademark attribution notice, ex. “SIG SAUER and the SIG logo are trademarks of SIG SAUER Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.”

Trademarks are adjectives, and should not be made into verbs or made plural or possessive.

The absence of a trademark, whether registered or not, from this list does not constitute a waiver of SIG SAUER’s trademark or other intellectual property rights.

Trademark / Service Mark Description of Goods / Service
SIG SAUER Hunting knives, pocket knives

Optical and telescopic gun sights,? computer game discs and computer game equipment containing memory devices, namely, discs for use with replica weapons for virtual shooting games and computer game software and accessories for the aforementioned goods

Incisive weapons, namely, automatic pistols, rifles, and parts thereof, handguns, sniper rifles; gas powered weapons, namely, gas pistols; and related accessories, namely, shot counters, rifle cases, rifle bags, cartridge belts, rifle leashes, cartridge holsters for hunting, self-defense, sport shooting and recreational shooting

Walking bags, namely, hikers’ bags for food and necessities for hiking

Toys, namely, long guns, model and replica weapons; toy shot and munitions for such models and replicas

SIG SAUER Pistols, rifles, automatic firearms of small caliber
SIGARMS Firearms
NITRON Protective coatings in the nature of a paint sold as an integral component of firearms
M18 Pistols
EQUINOX Firearms
C3 Firearms
P210 Firearms
P250 Firearms
P220 Pistols
P229 Pistols
SP2022 Pistols
P226 Pistols
P239 Pistols
SIG SAUER Educational services, namely, providing classes, seminars, and workshops in the fields of firearms, namely, tactical and self defense training and operation of firearms, gun safety and personal protection
P232 Firearms
P228 Firearms
P556 Firearms
P238 Firearms, namely pistols
SIG716 Rifles
SIG516 Firearms, namely rifles
P290 Pistols
SAS Firearms
P224 Pistols
SIGM400 Rifles
SIG556XI Firearms
SIG522 Firearms
P938 Firearms, namely, pistols
SIGLITE Firearm sights
P227 Pistols
XSHORT Firearms
XSIX Firearms
XFIVE Firearms
P320 Pistols
TAPER-LOK Firearm attachments, namely, mounts for attaching a silencer to a firearm
WHISKEY Riflescopes
KILO Laser rangefinders
SIG MPX Firearms
SIG MCX Firearms
V-CROWN Ammunition
LOCKDOWN Optical lens sights for firearms; telescopic sights; optical lens scopes; rifle scopes
HELLFIRE Optical lens scope component, namely, a reticle
P225 Pistols
LIVE FREE OR DIE Silencers for firearms
ZULU Binoculars
TANGO Riflescopes
ROMEO Optical red-dot sights for firearms
X-RAY Firearm sights
OSCAR Spotting scopes
SBT Laser engraved elevation dial that are a component part of rifle scopes that are calibrated to firearm ballistics and environmental conditions
HDX Optical lens scope component, namely, a high definition and high transmittance lens that is a component part of rifle scopes for high resolution and light transmission
QUADPLEX Feature of an optical lens sight, namely, a reticle
INFINITE GUARANTEE Binoculars; laser rangefinders; riflescopes; optical red-dot sights for firearms; optical lens sights for firearms; and spotting scopes Non-telescopic gun sights for firearms; rifle scope mounts; and rifle scope rings.
BRAVO Optical lens sights for firearms
FOXTROT Weapon mounted tactical flashlights
TRIPLEX Feature of an optical lens sight, namely, a reticle
LIMA Tactical laser sights
ECHO Optical weapon sights
JULIET Gun scope that magnifies red dot sights and is attached to firearms
P365 Firearms
SIG HT Ammunition
BDX Laser Rangefinders, Riflescopes
“Blue Dot Indicator” Firearm Scopes
TREAD Firearms
M17 Pistols
Laser light aiming device capable of being handheld or attached to firearms; scopes for firearms

Flashlights capable of being handheld or attached to firearms

Holsters and magazine pouches for firearms



Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Laser Rangefinders, Riflescopes, Telescopic Firearm Sights, Tactical Laser Sights

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats

Folding knives; Flashlights; Pistol holders; holsters; firearms; weapon cases for firearms; Collectable coins; Graphic t-shirts; hats; Retail on-line ordering services in the field of firearm accessories, knives, hearing protection, and a variety of consumer goods of others, also accessible by telephone